Making a heart in Pennsylvania

About a year ago we made a promise to God and witnesses and ourselves to do life together. The weather was absolutely perfect that day, sunny and green everywhere.

A year later, we realized that weather really was God's provision and should not be taken for granted! On April 25, we decided to celebrate a day early since our anniversary fell on a Sunday. And it was pretty overcast, chilly, and not as much green around. But it was one of the best dates we'd ever gone on.

Take me back to Europe...

I have been just dying to go back to Europe lately. I've been bothering Elias almost every night this week saying how I would LOVE to see the rolling hills of Austria and play with farm animals and eat fresh cheese made with fresh milk and so on. Realistically, we won't go back to Europe until...we have babies and our babies turn into proper human beings. So I decided to look at pictures of Europe instead. Especially Austria. Believe it or not, I could quench my yearning significantly by looking at these gorgeous photos. I do have quite a vivid imagination, where if I tried hard enough, I can hear and smell and feel what I see even if I'm not physically there. Call me crazy.

So what can a gal do in a situation like this other than make travel-themed birthday cards? So here we have: French Cafe & Hot Air Balloon (Austria). Maybe these remind you of your friends who would go backpacking with you in a heartbeat, willing to eat and sleep sparingly in not-so-luxurious places just to see the world. Maybe you are like that. 

Honeymoon Series 3/3: Roma, Italia

After our regrettable experience in Florence, arriving in Rome was a breath of fresh air. Such a beautiful city! It was definitely the most modern and big in size, yet all the architecture was still historic and well preserved. The streets were a lot cleaner and wider, and everywhere we went was well decorated with fancy fountains or palm trees. I wonder if Spain has a similar vibe to Rome. 

We also had decided to splurge on our last stop, so our hotel was the nicest (with a view) and biggest our of all three. We were also staying the longest here—4 days. Naturally, I have the most to share about Rome. We visited the Vatican and the Colosseum, but what made our trip here really meaningful was our visit to Apostle Paul and Peter's prison,"Mamertinum". 

Honeymoon Series 2/3: Firenze, Italia

In this entry about Florence, I'll be sharing more of what I would've done differently.



There is really NO place like Venice in the world. It's magical, and it requires no effort on your part to enjoy the scenery other than casually strolling around. There's more good food than bad food. As long as you go at the end of August or in the fall, the weather will be great. Seeing Florence right after Venice was slightly depressing :)


I'm a little biased because I've traveled a lot in my life and I've had my fill with tourist-packed sites and long lines. At this age now, I dislike all of that, and I'd really rather be a part of the local community and enjoy what they enjoy. If you're like me, then don't focus on the museums. Of course visit them if you can, but make sure to spend time elsewhere too. Elias and I didn't have time to do that. We only had a day and a half, which we spent visiting museums. As we were heading south to Rome on a train, we finally got to see what we had missed—the beautiful painting-like view of the countryside of Tuscany with green fields with yellow flowers and tiny adorable homes with red roofs. Sigh...I lamented over missing a view like that all the way to Rome. A friend had advised us to make day trips, and I wish we had spent our time traveling to the countryside rather than the museums.

Honeymoon Series 1/3: Venezia, Italia

Venice was worth the 13-hour flight, 3-hour wait at the Frankfurt Airport, 2-hour connecting flight, and even the unbearable seasickness on the vaporetto. Once we landed in Venice, it wasn't quite the romantic start I had imagined. Everyone has to take the water bus from the airport to go anywhere, but my stomach just wasn't having it. We just had to get off 5 stops early and walk all the way to the hotel. It also was unexpectedly cold and rainy in Venice that day. I vouched I would never get on another water taxi ever again. Then Elias murmured, "I spent 30 euros on those tickets..." then my "are you serious right now" glare followed. I'm going to tell you right now though, our marriage is stronger and healthier than ever after this honeymoon—all is well.