Thanksgiving Season (and new wallpaper!)

Download this wallpaper below!

Download this wallpaper below!

It is that time again! A time to count our blessings and remember God's very good plan that always, always trumps our own. My family has been in a season of waiting and transitioning all at once, and this sense of uncertainty is making us cling on to Him all the more tightly. It is making us really examine what is important in life. And I find myself confessing that in the end, it is Him who I follow and no one else. And truly, there is nothing like witnessing God's work during these trying times so clearly, so clearly that you cannot deny His love for you. How can we not give thanks to a God who cares so personally and intimately!

The beauty of trials in a Christian's life is that only in retrospect can we fully appreciate their purpose. And it is undeniable that He indeed has made EVERYTHING beautiful in its time.

"He has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11


I pray this Thanksgiving season is full of hope and gratitude for you and your loved ones. x

For His glory,


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