"Our Vow" Print

This watercolor Vow print made me squeal a little. I just LOVE how it came out!

I've said it before and I'll say it again; watercolor is magical. If you are like me, you would also love how the paint blends into water, how dark green spreads out into a pool of light green, still preserving every single layer in the very same pool. Watercolor takes patience yet requires quick brush work to get these kinds of effects. You cannot look away or get distracted, because you may be just two seconds too late. It takes work, just like marriage. Yes I went there.

I can just imagine this print hanging in a newlywed's new home along with fresh flowers and maybe candles. It could be their dining room, or their bedroom, maybe the living room? It could be just for their eyes or everyone else who walks into their home. It doesn't matter, wedding vows are profound, passionate, and sweet...but most importantly, a marriage vow is a promise the bride and groom make before God and their beloved family, friends, and community. It's something that must be remembered and cherished.

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