2016 LOVE Calendar Post 1

I have fallen more in love with watercolor recently, because of these calendars I'm trying to create well before this year is over. And let me tell ya, I've been trying to find beautiful and well illustrated Scriptural calendars out there and still have yet to find any. So of course, I decided to make them, thinking it would be simple.

Well, the process has been far from simple, but definitely has been a good one. Figuring out where to get these bad boys bulk printed and manufactured at an affordable cost has been difficult. Figuring out what style and medium I want to pursue took weeks. For those of you who appreciate the nitty gritty and the ugly details before something beautiful is made, here they are:

FIRST, I went through like a hundred pictures of different kinds of flowers and plants for a start. Florals and nature scenes are mainly what I paint and illustrate for my work, so it was no different in this case. What was important was that it would look good illustrated. I did many practice paintings, to see what colors mix well and what effects I can create with the paint. Now, this is after I had decided to go with watercolor instead of gouache.

SECOND, I looked up all the Bible verses I could find about love. They had to be short enough to fit on a calendar with illustration. The content also couldn't be taken out of context too much that it loses meaning or convey something totally different. Basically, I wanted you guys to be filled up with love and gratitude every time you flip the page each month!

THIRD, I started sketching the layout of each spread, how the verse would look with the florals. I have to say, I ended up with so many ugly pages (which I'm not including here for the sake of your eyes)!


FOURTH, I just kept making more and more until I saw that a few of them had enough potential to end up in the calendar. Folks, I'm talking about non stop trial and error and painting after painting after painting. Ain't no other way.


Documenting the process this way helps and encourages me because I can actually see the improvement and progress. And I can be confident that I'm only picking the best work for you! I'm only about half way in illustrating the verses, still need to clean them up digitally, design the actual calendar part, and test print before I can stock the shop with these beauties. So more posts coming on this! (follow @saltstains.shop on Insta for videos!)