"Proverbs 31" Print

Anyone ready for spring yet?? Elias keeps saying "more snow, more snow!" but I'm ready to ditch my coat and scarf. This is the most colorful and springy print I've ever made. And it is dedicated to the special women in our lives whom we look up to. As I was working on this print and meditating on the verse, I thought of my mom. We all know Proverbs 31 is a good place to start to find instructions on how to live and act like a godly woman. I thought this verse summed it all up so well, and I personally think it teaches something extremely hard to live out.

Here is Proverbs 31.

What does it even mean to be "clothed with strength and dignity (or honor)"? The chapter portrays a woman who is skilled, independent, wise with money, and responsible with taking care of her family—all because she is a God-fearing faithful woman. And doesn't God give strength and honor to those who love Him? I thought of my mom who has been pretty much all those things the past 24 years of my life. And then I thought of what kind of a mom I might be in the future. It became my prayer request, that I would live out these qualities and demonstrate God's grace. How wonderful would that be!

She is-2.jpg


If you can't tell, the flowers in the print are white anemones, which to me look so pure and graceful. I wish they were more common around me. I considered a lot of mature colors for the print such as purple, magenta, and gray, but I just had to go with something more cheerful this time.

There also will be a matching greeting card in the shop soon, just in time for Mother's Day!