2018 Calendar: 12 Holy Land Verses (Preorders have begun!)

I have never put in so much time and energy into a calendar before this one. And then there were delays with the printer I hired, which tested my patience and trust in His timing, and after postponing our preorder launch date three weeks (!) we are finally here! And they are at their lowest price they'll ever be right now until 10/13.

Introducing our "12 Holy Land Verses 2018 Calendar"!!!


This calendar was inspired by my own trip to Israel this past summer. We had an amazing guide, who is also a biblical history professor here in the states. We saw sites that were archeologically and historically accurate and biblically significant. I mean, if you ever wondered about these places while reading the Old Testament, like where David fought Goliath, where prophet Elijah slaughtered the prophets of Baal, the well where Jesus conversed with a Samaritan woman—I saw them in person! The Bible is inerrant and sufficient, we know that, so seeing these sites didn't make the Scriptures any more perfect, however, it brought me more assurance. It strengthened my faith, and it was simply so fun and deeply interesting.

So I put together 12 of these sites that were beautiful (because I have to be honest, some of the sites weren't necessarily pretty), and just so you can experience a glimpse of what I did, I've included the biblical context and historical background along with them. You can see the bible passage that is relevant to the site, and a short commentary explaining what really happened there.

Each month is not just beautiful but also informative! These sites that I've illustrated are pleasing to the eye on their own, but knowing why they are significant adds more depth to them.


If you are looking for a unique but functional gift this holiday season, this is it! It's perfect for any believer, theologian, teacher, history buff, bookworm, artist, and the list goes on! And remember, our calendars always repurpose as 8x10 prints, so you get to keep all of them ;) Nothing is wasted.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 11.08.12 AM.png

Hope you enjoy these as much as I've poured myself into them. x


Thanksgiving Season (and new wallpaper!)

Download this wallpaper below!

Download this wallpaper below!

It is that time again! A time to count our blessings and remember God's very good plan that always, always trumps our own. My family has been in a season of waiting and transitioning all at once, and this sense of uncertainty is making us cling on to Him all the more tightly. It is making us really examine what is important in life. And I find myself confessing that in the end, it is Him who I follow and no one else. And truly, there is nothing like witnessing God's work during these trying times so clearly, so clearly that you cannot deny His love for you. How can we not give thanks to a God who cares so personally and intimately!

The beauty of trials in a Christian's life is that only in retrospect can we fully appreciate their purpose. And it is undeniable that He indeed has made EVERYTHING beautiful in its time.

"He has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11


I pray this Thanksgiving season is full of hope and gratitude for you and your loved ones. x

For His glory,


Download your wallpaper HERE :)





The colors and the verse here are so appropriate for my own life right now. As I have my own set of requests unto the Father, I simply (try my best to) wait still in gratitude, knowing His faithfulness and purposeful timing for His loved ones. I am confident in His plan for me, because I see the leaves changing colors without fail every year and I see seasons come and go like clockwork. That is design, and that is creation (Romans 1:20). I contribute nothing to these natural changes and us humans are quite powerless before the power of nature. And the very One who created and still sustains EVERYTHING around us makes a promise to His own. He has a plan.

Maybe you are rejoicing over answered prayers today. Maybe you've been praying and waiting for months or years for something near and dear to your heart. We all know disappointment and fear. But my sisters, if you are His and He is yours, unfulfilled desires are not meaningless. We have meaning—whether we know it or not currently—in everything we go through, and everything will work together for good (Romans 8:28). And "to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3:1) Rest assured and have peace, and let those requests simply fall into God's hands. Whether they are to be materialized or not, He is taking care of us. So our disappointment must be temporary, but our joy, everlasting!

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Download this wallpaper HERE :)



I am SO THRILLED to bring you our "12 Praise Verses" 2017 wall calendar!

As always, a lot of prayer and failure and praise happened behind the scenes. My heart becomes so full at the thought of these calendars entering people's homes and lives, and God graciously using them for His glory.

It's been a long time coming, and you've probably seen numerous process pictures especially on Instagram. And if you have been following me for more than a year, you've probably seen our previous "12 Love Verses" calendar as well—here's where it gets exciting. Our new calendar is even better than our last!

Here are all the upgrades from our previous calendar:


Our previous calendar was 7x11", but this one is 8x14"—significantly bigger. Plus, the months and dates are also a lot bigger so you can see them from across the room.


Our previous calendar came with a hole and a twine, but this one comes with the most convenient wire-o binding. It's ready to be hung anywhere, and you can just flip the page every month.


You may have experienced slight curving of paper with our last calendar, but we've adjusted it so that shouldn't be a problem this time around.

We kept all the good stuff though! This calendar, like our last, can be trimmed and framed as 8x10 prints! When you buy a calendar, you are essentially getting 12 gorgeous prints along with it ;)

Most importantly, every page contains a Scripture verse that reflects God's awesomeness and goodness, these verses should have us lift up our hands and praise Him for who He is. And nothing makes us feel so small as grand landscapes—magnificent creation by the magnificent Creator. Scripture and these paintings are just perfect together.

Preorders are closed at this time, but we still have these calendars available for you. And I know it's still summer, but why not think ahead and get a bunch as Christmas gifts for your friends/small group/kids/students/teachers/family? And even better, we ship internationally. NOTHING will stop me from getting one of these to your door ;)


Thank you friends for your support, and thank you God for always being faithful! Please feel free to message me if you have any questions!


For His glory,

Every word of God proves true...


Just a thought I had, not just a thought but truth that is too simple to ignore. Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. Just that. His Word is all we have and all we need to believe. No matter how corrupt the world gets and no matter how much pain sin will cause in our lifetime. God is good.

Download this wallpaper here!